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Many homeowners don’t even consider building a new garage, but it’s something that can improve the look of your home and give you many more options on how to use your garage.

What, you didn’t know you could use your garage for more than parking cars and storage? It’s true. Sylus’ garage is actually an additional living space which is perfect for hanging out with guests.

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Benefits of Detached Garages

detached garages

A detached garage is a physical structure built away from the main house for the parking and/or storing of cars, other automobiles and sometimes stuffs that you’ll rather not keep at home. It is free standing, built away from the home and can be a few feet or yards away. The preference for detached garages is on the rise because of the following benefits it offers:

Safety: A detached garage is safer as it prevents CO fumes from seeping into your living area through the connecting doors and windows as the case is for attached garages. Work tools and other hazards can be safely tucked away especially if you have children at home. You also get to keep the sometimes unpleasant garage sights and smells away from the home. A detached garage reduces and can even eliminate the garage-dominated unpleasant air that is usually disturbing. It also minimizes the risk of fire hazards, air and noise pollution.

Cheaper: A detached garage is cost efficient. A mini guest quarters can be built upstairs to accommodate friends and family that may need to spend the night. It’s like having two deals for the price of one. You obviously cannot have a living space across an attached garage even if you want to in the nearest future.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Having a detached garage allows you to have your building structures set in place beautifully without the need for an attached garage disfiguring the entire structure. This is particularly if your house is compact and well set. Once a plan is set in place for a detached garage which can be set back from the main house, you can be sure that the physical and landscape appeal of your home will not be tampered with. You can even have a connecting walkway designed for easy movement between the two buildings. The walk from the main house to the car will definitely do your body some good too

Allows For Other Structures:  A detached garage gives the idea of a planned and organized structure that if well implemented, can give way to a patio or kitchen garden which is better connected to the main house than the garage. If you live in a moderate climate, you might actually enjoy a nicely landscaped walk from the car to the house.

Simply put, if you like your home clean, calm and serene, a detached garage in Chicago is for you.